The Chess Piece Who Did Not Want to Live on The Chessboard

8,000 تومان

Plot: The pawn and his partner didn’t like to play in the chess anymore. They want to go to a better place, to see the nature, humans, animals… but do they succeed to persuade their king

 Mitra Maherani: was born in Iran, Shiraz but lives in Zahedan. Like the meaning of her name she is full of sense, kindness and love. Her mind is full weird thoughts. In her imaginations, she is chief, once, painter, tailor or ballerina, another time. School works make her boarded, then she goes to her dream worlds

Kiana T Hajaligol: is ten years old and going to be a fifth grader by this Fall
She lives in USA. Some of her passions are: reading, singing, bike riding, drawing/ painting, and playing the piano.
In the future she wants to be a famous actress or singer

  • Writer and Illustrator: Mitra Maherani
  • Age: Ten
  • Nation: Iran
  • Translated by: Kiana T Hajaligol, Kiyan Slove Rezvani
  • Ages: Ten and Thirteen
  •  Release Year: Two Thousand and Twenty One
  • pages: Fifteen
  • Volume: eBook-Audiobook
  • Theme: Freedom
  • Language: English
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