Magical Land

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8,000 تومان

Plot: A land is not satisfied with her appearance. She wanted to be something else. For example, a beautiful woman with long hair and a six-dimensional house! Plain wished and her wish was fulfilled, but she suddenly realized that she had left his butterflies on the first page of the book. What should she do now

 Rozmehr Bornoojani: was six years old when she wrote the book

Saba Sabaghha: Translator, is nine years old. And she is in the third grade. She is born in Iran and she lives in Tehran. She loves translating and learning new things. In the future she wants to be a Translator and translate a lot of books in different languages

Parnian Taleshian: Translator, is ten years old. She lives in Ahvaz, but she is originally from Babol. She is interested in playing the piano and drawing and learning new things. She likes reading books and she really enjoys translating

Niki Jamalpour: Translator is eight years old. She likes painting. She likes to travel around the world. She likes the foreign languages. She wants to be a writer and translator

Ava Saffarioun: Translator

  • Writer and Illustrator: Rozmehr Bornoojani
  • Age: six
  • Nation: Iran
  • Translated by: Saba Sabaghha, Parnian Taleshian
  • Niki Jamalpoor, Ava Saffarioun
  •  Release Year: Two Thousand and Fifteen
  • pages: Eleven
  • Volume: eBook
  • Theme: Identity
  • Language: English
گروه سنی

ب (اول،دوم،سوم دبستان)

گونه (ژانر)

آموزنده, تخیلی, غیرفارسی, ماجراجویی

3 دیدگاه برای Magical Land

  1. Kosar1388 (خریدار محصول)

    من این داستانوفارسیشو هم خونده بودم.
    داستانت قشنگه و و این خیلی خوبه که به زبان انگلیسی هم ترجمه شده.افرین به شما.

  2. saba sabaghha (خریدار محصول)

    واقعا ایده ی خیلی جالبی هست که بچه ها ترجمه می کنند?

  3. saba sabaghha (خریدار محصول)

    بسیار عالی ، موفق باشید

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